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Proxy server explained

A long time ago when the Internet was young proxy server was the first option to hide your IP and keep your online privacy. The concept is quite simple. You set IP address of public proxy server in your browser settings and all your internet requests are made through this external server.


This way your requests don’t come direct from your PC and external website see proxy server’s IP address instead of yours. If public proxy has elite anonymity level external website won’t even know that you are using proxy. But most public proxies are transparent type and they send information that proxy server is involved.

This method to keep online privacy was really good 15 years ago and even 10 years ago. But now there are much better ways to do it. And the worst thing about public proxy is that most of them are misconfigured private servers which will be fixed in several hours or few days. So people who use public proxies every day need to find new one every several hours.

If you want modern way to keep your online privacy try these ones:
1)The Tor anonymous network. This is the most reliable way to be safe with most of your online actions. Mask Surf uses the Tor anonymous technology in simple and easy way to use for every PC user.
2)VPN services. They are fast but less secure. This option is good for downloading huge data, especially in filesharing and bittorrent protocols. VPN services require monthly subscription.
3)Web proxy. Free but slow and unstable way to hide your IP. You won’t be allowed to choose specific country. Some of web proxies show ads to earn money.

So we recommend you to try Mask Surf Ultimate and have the most secure way to send sensitive data online without pain of searching new public proxy several times a day.

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