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Does Mask Surf support anonymity for all internet programs?

For Mask Surf Ultimate all programs are anonymized by default. You don’t need to configure any settings.

Fore Mask Surf Eveeryhthing there are few exceptions. It supports all applications which work with the TCP protocol. Not supported are:
1) Applications working with the UDP protocol. There are few of them, but they do exist.
2) Torrent clients and other P2P filesharing clients. They overload the anonymity network which has a limited bandwidth.
All other programs should work in the anonymity mode just fine.

Does Mask Surf work with Cable/ADSL/mobile/etc internet connections?

Mask Surf works with all types of internet connection.

How does this work together with antivirus tools?

Mask Surf completes other security tools like antivirus, firewall, antimalware. All these tools aimed to protect you from different threats. Antivirus protects your PC from viruses, firewall blocks unallowed internet connections, antimalware scanner finds ads in your system and Mask Surf protects your internet traffic from surveillance and helps you to hide your IP adresses.

I am concerned about my ISP collecting data about my surfing habits, where I buy things, banks I visit, etc. Will your product hide my activity from my own ISP?

Yes, it will. Your software will be transferred in encrypted mode from your PC to exit from Tor network and then send to website. Also both Mask Surf Everything and Mask Surf Ultimate have anonymous DNS functionality. So even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will be unable to watch your internet traffic because it will leave your PC encrypted.

Can you tell me please which countries does it support? I.e. if I need to show a British IP address can it give me that?

Yes, it can.

Mask Surf supports more than 50 countries which Tor exit routers are available in. By default you will get false IP from random country each time. You can go to “Countries” tab and set which countries you want or dont want to use.

What is the max/min speed achieved by passing my traffic through your IP addresses – in other words: how will my connection suffer?

It is question of luck. Each time Tor client builds new anonymous circuits from 3 random selected anonymous Tor routers around the world. Most Tor routers have speed from OK to quite fast. But some of them are slow. So your connection speed will be different each time. We plan to optimize this process in the future releases of Mask Surf and notify you when it will be ready.

If you use Mask Surf Ultimate you can see nicknames of Tor routers in your current circuits in “Circuits” box at the bottom of main tab. Pick some nickname and check all details about this router here:

Tor status

Do you collect any kind information about visited sites, etc. even ‘not personally identiable’, and who do you provide it to (or are required to provide it to) for advertising purposes, to help the law, etc.?

Mask Surf doesn’t collect any information. Our websites collect standard impersonated web statistic to see trends of visitors behavior.

Some services like Pandora and the USA version of Netflix (Netflix for users with a USA address & USA IP), require a USA IP address. Will your program work from outside of the USA to enable Pandora, Netflix and other such streaming video / audio to work?

Yes, it will. If you need USA IP address outside you can set Mask Surf to use USA IPs only. The same for all other countries you need.

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