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The most powerful and easiest anonymity solution. All you need is run it and it works. Good solution if you need to run anonymously few of your programs. Requires some setup. The previous generation of Mask Surf. Supports browsers only.

Programs supported

Everything works by default. All your program’s internet traffic is anonymized. No setup required. Support almost all programs except of torrent clients and file sharing programs. You need to add programs to anonymous launch tab manually. Tries to detect your installed browsers. Proxy settings of anonymized browsers will be changed automatically before and after anonymous session.

IP test

In-app IP test and external webpage External webpage External webpage

Ability to see all your false IPs

In-app full false IPs list One false IP at external webpage One false IP at external webpage

DNS traffic

Anonymous DNS requests Anonymous DNS requests Direct unsafe DNS requests

Anonymnity modes

Possibility to choose among two anonimity modes: anonymization of all programs at the same time or anonymization of selected programs only. One mode: anonymization of programs launched from anonymouse launch tab. No anonymity modes.

Number of protected PCs/laptops at the same time

2 1 1

Internet traffic encryption

All traffic in default mode Traffic of all anonymized programs Traffic of anonymized browsers

Selection of a country-specific IP address

White or black list of countries White or black list of countries White or black list of countries


$50 for 2 years, $20 for 1 year renewal $30 for 1 year, $20 for 1 year renewal $50 for 2 years

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