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Mask Surf Everything 2.0 release!

Released the major update for Mask Surf Everything – version 2.0!

Main changes:

  • Enhanced selection of countries, added the ability to compose a list of countries that can be used or excluded
  • Enhanced speed settings
  • Added view information on an anonymous network nodes with filters by country and speed
  • Added display of current anonymous circuits and circuit can be constructed manually
  • Change false IP always works
  • Automatic change of IP through a fixed period

Mask Surf Everything version 2 and above depends on .NET 4 Client Profile, which is installed on most computers with Windows 7. If your computer does not have this, it will be installed during installation of Mask Surf Everything.

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Mask Surf Everything 1.3 released

Mask Surf Everything 1.3 released.


  • full x64 support
  • partial support for anonymous DNS (x64 version only)
  • new version checking
  • optimized algorithms
  • major Tor update

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Mask Surf Everything 1.2 released

Mask Surf Everything 1.2 released.
Added partial x64 support. Note that only those instances of the program that were launched from Everything will be anonymized for 64-bit applications. Correct support of all 64-bit applications is not guaranteed.

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Mask Surf Everything 1.1 released

Mask Surf Everything 1.1 released with new IP test function.

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Mask Surf Everything released

Mask Surf Everything 1.0 released.

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Start of beta testing

The closed beta testing of Mask Surf Everything has started.

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