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Unblock Netflix

Service name: Netflix
Content: movies online

Netflix Inc. is an international provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to viewers in all of North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and parts of Europe. As of October 2015, Netflix reported 69.17 million subscribers worldwide, including more than 43 million in the U.S.

Update on January 2016: Netflix has opened worldwide access in more than 130 countries. But content available in each country is limited by license agreements. So a lot of users still use unblocking tools to access full movies collection available for US citizens.

To unblock Netflix in not included country please follow next steps.

1)Run Mask Surf Ultimate.

Mask Surf Ultimate


Run Mask Surf Everything and push “IP test” button or launch your browser from “Anonymous tab”.

Mask Surf Everything

2)Get countries list and select a country which Netflix is available in (United States to access full content collection).
4)Register at service to create your account.
5)Enter you payment details (credit card or Paypal account from other country is OK).
6)Select movie and enjoy. It is better to pause online player and let video load then start watching.

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Netflix before Mask Surf

Netflix after Mask Surf

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