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Unblock Channel 5 (UK)

Service name: Channel 5
Content: online TV and movies

Channel 5 is a British commercial television network. It was launched in 1997, and was the fifth and final national terrestrial analogue network in the United Kingdom after BBC One, ITV, BBC Two and Channel 4 (and sixth overall including Welsh-language channel S4C in Wales). It is generally the fifth-placed network in the country in audience share, and has been since its inception.

To unblock Channel 5 please follow next steps.

1)Run Mask Surf Ultimate.

Mask Surf Ultimate


Run Mask Surf Everything and push “IP test” button or launch your browser from “Anonymity” tab.

Mask Surf Everything

2)Get countries list and select a country which Channel 5 is available in (United Kingdom).
4)Select a show and enjoy. It is better to pause online player and let video load then start watching.

Unblock Channel 5 now

Channel 5 before Mask Surf

Channel 5 after Mask Surf

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