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Mask Surf vs Tor Browser

Tor Browser is quite good basic anonymous surfing tool which available for users worldwide for free. But it has lack of useful possibilities which Mask Surf contains.

Part one. Convenience.

Your favorite browser

Tor browser is based on Firefox ESR browser. It’s special Firefox ESR is intended for large organisation and enterprise users who can’t update software regularly. If you use this special edition of Firefox you will get latest features and updates from Firefox developers later than usual Firefox users. At the time of writing latest Tor Browser has 31 version of Firefox and the latest Firefox version was 39. Big difference, isn’t it? And you can’t use any other browser at all.

Mask Surf Everything and Ultimate allows you to use all browsers at the same time or any one you like the most. It’s up to you which browser you may choose. You can compare all browsers at the market and pick out the one that you like best.

Browser limitations

Tor Browser brings some limitations to Firefox ESR.

  • No browser plugins
    It means no Flash.


    No Pocket service, no Firefox Hello and other browser connected services.
  • Firefox sync is turned off
  • No browser history and no passwords remember by default
  • Automatic updates is turned off


Tor browser has NoScript addon installed and enabled by default. So a lot of website scripts will not load and you see it such way.


No support for any other web program except of old version of Firefox

Really! Tor Browser will not help you with instant messengers, online video players, game clients, etc. You need to deal with it yourself.

Do you want more?

Mask Surf allows you to stay anonymous with all internet programs at the same time. You can use your favorite browser, instant messenger, online video player, you can listen to music online and do whatever you want safely and anonymously. You can select specific country or countries to access geographically restricted web services or content.

Part two. Safety.

DNS requests

Every time you type “” in your browser’s address bar it makes DNS request for “” and get specific IP address which you browser should connect to. When connection is established your browser will get webpage you asked from Google and show it’s content to you.
Domains are useful and easy to remember. That’s why Internet use it to request websites. But at the other hand each your requested website address makes DNS request (and additional DNS request for each inner link at the webpage). These requests are available for your Internet Service Provider and all “men in the middle” in your country’s internet infrastructure or worldwide internet listener organizations. In network listening open of website looks this way.


It’s a lot of information about websites you are visiting even if your internet traffic is already encrypted by Tor. That’s why it is so important to have anonymous DNS requests. Tor browser can’t do it. But Mask Surf can! Both Mask Surf Ultimate and Mask Surf Everything already have anonymous DNS requests possibility enabled by default.

Download Mask Surf Ultimate now and start to use Internet in useful and safe way:

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