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Are VPN services secure enough?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is private network over your usual internet connection. It can be used in different ways.

Some people use it for work to connect to corporate network from home or remore workplace. Other use VPN to exchange education or scientific information through university services. In this article we want to describe using of VPN for anonymity of internet surfing.


There are some free VPN services. But in general it is bad idea. If you don’t pay for anonymity service they have to earn money in some different way. For example some free VPN services can sell your data to other companies. So it is always better to use paid VPN service. It may be powerful and expensive or simple and cheap – it is up to you.


The main idea is to redirect your internet traffic through VPN’s server and show it’s IP address to website your visiting instead of your IP address. And that’s all. No traffic encryption. No protection for your DNS requests. Most VPN services will log all your browser history and keep this information. All your downloads and other online actions also will be tracked and loged. There is no real security in VPN services.

Does VPN services have some pros? Of course. They are fast. They have high speed and high bandwidth while all real ways to be anonymous are slower.

So if you often download large files or use filesharing networks like bittorent sometimes you can use VPN service for it. For all your sensitive online data and for secured internet surfing you need Mask Surf Ultimate – the most reliable and easy way against online surveillance and restrictions.

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