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Access blocked torrent sites

People from various countries around the world face internet censorship. For example most UK ISPs are blocking from 5% to 13% of all internet websites. Popular torrents trackers like “The Pirate Bay” often become blocked for many reasons. What can you do to access blocked websites?

You need to perform these steps:
1)Run Mask Surf Ultimate.
2)Open your browser.
3)Go to blocked website safely.
4)If it is torrent tracker you can download torrent files that you need while surfing internet anonymously with Mask Surf.
5)Add downloaded torrents to your Bittorrent client program. It starts to download torrent content.
Please make sure that torrent downloading is not crime in your country. If it is you may need more advanced way to hide your file sharing activity or switch to watching movies online without download them.

Blocking of websites at ISP level usually is made by IP blocking or DNS filtering. Mask Surf Ultimate helps you to bypass both of them by encrypting your data and redirecting it to the Tor anonymous network. Your DNS requests will be redirected too so ISPs DNS filtering will not work this way.

First of all download Mask Surf Ultimate and install it. Then enjoy anonymous and protected online activity without censorship!

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